Welcome to our updatedIMG_2203 web page. The goal of our website is to provide our citizens and cyber visitors with information about our department and community. Be sure and check out any new information that is posted to our “Posts” page.

You can obtain your crash reports on-line!  Click the link to the right and follow the directions.  We outsource this process to CarFax.

We have created a new page through our Policy and Procedure Manual to provide our citizens and interested parties access to all of these documents in real time.  As a document is updated for our staff the document is automatically updated on this page.  It continues to be part of our mission to be as open and transparent as possible.  You may access this information by clicking here:  TMPD Policy Manual and other documents.

The department has just (May 7, 2020) joined with the Neighbors app.  See our Facebook page for some information as well.  To download the Neighbors App just text “jointoday” to 555888.  Let’s all keep an eye out for each other!

Our Mission

“Our Mission is to proactively build and strengthen community partnerships and reduce the fear of crime through the delivery of high quality, efficient, and consistent services to all Town businesses, residents, and visitors in a professional manner.”


Our Values

Honesty: We strive to remain honorable in our principles, intentions, and actions.
Integrity: We believe in the uncompromising adherence to high moral and ethical principles.
Ethical: We lead by example to demonstrate our high standards for professional conduct.
Truthful: We uphold truthfulness in our actions, words, and deeds.
Trustworthy: We are responsible for the public trust placed in us, not only individually, but as a Department.
Accountable: We shall remain answerable to the public and to each other for our actions.
Professional: We shall endeavor to maintain a professional character and spirit, which will be exemplified by our behavior.
Responsible: We are knowledgeable about our duties and obligations and seek to perform them to the best of our abilities.
Dedication: Through dedication to the police profession, we shall remain devoted to the service of our fellow human beings.
Motivated: By working together as a highly motivated organization, we achieve excellence through our productivity.

Our Vision

We address community concerns through the enhancement of problem-solving techniques that involve the community and all Town departments via a process based upon education, interaction, and innovation.

We contribute to the Town’s viability through the delivery of exceptional services to its businesses, residents, and visitors.

We develop an environment conducive to participatory leadership by 1) expanding the inter- and interdepartmental levels of trust to facilitate each employee’s role in the organization; 2) encouraging behaviors that help to promote the Department’s Mission and Values; and 3) providing opportunities to all employees for continued growth in their chosen field.

We affirmatively promote the Town of Madison and the Police Department as advocates of our culturally diverse community.

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