Lock Your Vehicle!!

As the cold weather comes to WI so do people warming up their cars.  PLEASE do not warm up your car and leave your keys in an unlocked and unattended vehicle.  Already, we have had a number of cars stolen that were unlocked and running.  Chances are your car will be stolen if you leave your car unlocked, and unattended.

On November 27, 2017 a citizen started her car, left it unattended and unlocked and within 3 minutes it was stolen!  The stolen car was located about one hour later on Fish Hatchery Road over the W. Beltline Hwy.  The vehicle was stolen by a 13 year old child.  While the suspect was at the Town of Madison Police Department she screamed that she was not “scared of JRC” (Juvenile Reception Center). She also said she would “Get another car” and “I don’t give a f**k. I’ll get out and steal another”, “because that’s what I do”.

Statements such as this makes it clear that more vehicles will be stolen if left running, unattended and unlocked.

Chief Gregory

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