Crime Map

Did you know you can have access to a Crime Map for the Town of Madison?  As a matter of fact many of the communities in Dane County are using the same Crime Map!  Go to: and click on WI.  Scroll down to “Town of Madison” and click on it.  You will now see all “events” that occurred, including our neighboring communities.  An “event” is anything that created a written report by an officer except motor vehicle crashes and child sexual assault cases.  These events are created when a report is typed, not when the call comes in so there may be a time delay.

You can change the date range on the left hand side and pick the events you are looking for.  Now the screen may look really cluttered.  Right above the map is a tab, “Data Grid”.  This provides you a little info of the event or case.  If you just want to see the “Town of Madison” events; look all the way to the right of your screen and you will see a column labeled “Agency”.    Click on the down arrow to the right, move your cursor to Filters and a white search window will appear.  Type in, “Town of Madison” and now you will see only Town of Madison events.  Click on the “Map” tab and you will see the events on the map and not in the Data Grid format.

This is simply and little extra service we wanted to provide to our citizens and interested parties.  Unfortunately, we cannot help you through any technical aspects issues you may have.  I suggest you find a  pre-teen or teenager who can walk you through the process!

Chief Gregory

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