Phone scam

On October 4th, 2017, the Town of Madison Police Department took a phone scam complaint.  The victim said she received a phone call from a male who stated he was a US Marshall. The male stated his name was Deputy McCoy and that he was calling because she missed jury duty that morning.  She was told she had to pay $1,000 dollars or to be arrested. She was instructed to buy a gift card from Walmart or another business and to read the numbers off to Deputy McCoy over the phone.

The department obtained the telephone number, that had a 608 area code, and is the process of obtaining a subpoena for phone records.   The investigating officer made phone contact with the person who identified himself as Deputy McCoy.  The suspect told the officer that he is a scammer and he’s going to scam “Thousands to tens of thousands of dollars from our community.”

We want to remind everyone no law enforcement officer or agency will ever ask you to obtain a gift card or make a payment to avoid an arrest.

Chief Scott T. Gregory

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