Food Stamp Offense

Here is one we don’t see people get arrested for or charged with very often.  Two people, Johnny Johnson, 45 years old, of Deer Valley Road and Benjamin Roebuck, 37 years old, of Deer Valley Road have been charged with Food Stamp Offense – Unauthorized Use of Foods Stamps $100 – $5,000 as Party to a Crime.

These tend to be long investigation, needing lots of interviews and reviewing video; then the District Attorneys Office needs to find the time to charge out this case – which they did!  As a side note, this case occurred in October 2016 – that is just how long these types of case take to investigate and get charged by the DA’s office.

Long story short (if it isn’t to late).  Allegedly – Johnny is at victim’s house and stole her Quest Card (that is used for food stamp benefits).  Johnny later calls police to report the victim stole is cell phone; this was unsubstantiated.  The card was used in four separate locations for a total of $336.31.

Det. DiMaggio-Baltzer tracked down videos, talked with other officers and was able to identify and locate Benjamin.  Benjamin claimed to have bought the Quest Card from Johnny for $100-$150.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with the Quest Cards.  Thankfully, the victim was willing to be cooperative and good investigative work brought enough to the department to request charges and for the Assistant District Attorney to file charges.  Good work Det. Baltzer and ADA Paul Humphrey!

Chief Gregory

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