Crash after police pursuit

TMPD PatchOn Sunday, February 11, 2017 at 1:04 am the Town of Madison PD had additional personnel working specifically for OWI enforcement.  The assigned officer observed a tan Chevy Suburban operating at an excessive speed on John Nolen Drive.  The officer activated his emergency lights on John Nolen Drive.  The suspect vehicle increased its speed and headed west bound on the West Beltline Hwy, then exited on Rimrock Road and headed south bound.
The officer terminated the pursuit on Rimrock Road at East Badger Road.  A few minutes later a different officer located the suspect vehicle crash at Rimrock Road at Anderberg Drive in the city of Fitchburg.  The driver, a 24 year old male, was injured and the passenger, a 17 year male, had life threatening injuries.  Both were transported to a hospital.  As the first officer contacted the driver the driver was reaching under his seat.  Later officers located a loaded Ruger .380 caliber handgun.
It was later determined this vehicle was previously involved in a witnessed hit and run crash in the city of Madison.  Due to the life threatening injuries to the passenger the Wisconsin State Patrol was requested to investigate the crash.  The department also had a guard on the driver until medical staff advised the department the passenger was going to survive his injuries.
A witness did stop at the scene but was not identified or interviewed by officers.  We are asking that witness to contact the Town of Madison at 210-7262.
The passenger’s identification will not be released.  Since the driver has no requested charges by our department at this time he will not be identified at this time.  The driver is still admitted to a hospital.
Chief Gregory

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