Dane County Chiefs of Police Association letter on Immigration

The below letter (official copy attached) was approved by the Dane County Chiefs of Police Association today and sent out.  I wanted to share this with our audience as well.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Chief Gregory

February 9, 2017

The Dane County Chiefs of Police Association wants to reassure people who live, work, attend school, drive through or visit our communities that Law Enforcement Officers do not routinely ask people they are in contact with what their immigration status is.  Law Enforcement Officers in Dane County do not detain or arrest people solely for suspected violations of immigration laws.

Being practitioners of Community Policing, we realize the chilling effect that the threat of deportation has on people of the immigrant community.  We want all people to feel comfortable working with the police, reporting crimes, being witnesses and otherwise participating in everyday activities in our communities.

We are aware that recent events have spread fear and uncertainty to our refugee and immigrant community and it is our intent by releasing this statement to reassure everyone that the right to receive services from Dane County Law Enforcement is not dependent on their immigration status.

Chief Charles Foulke
Middleton Police Department
Dane County Chiefs of Police Association-President

On behalf of the Dane County Chiefs of Police Association:

Belleville Police Department
McFarland Police Department
Blue Mounds Police Department
Middleton Police Department
Brooklyn Police Department
Monona Police Department
Capitol Police Department
Mount Horeb Police Department
Cottage Grove Police Department
Oregon Police Department
Cross Plains Police Department
Shorewood Hills Police Department
Dane County Sheriff’s Office
Stoughton Police Department
Dane Police Department
Sun Prairie Police Department
Deforest Police Department
Town of Madison Police Department
Fitchburg Police Department
University of Wisconsin Police Department
Madison Police Department
Verona Police Department
Maple Bluff Police Department
Waunakee Police Department
Marshall Police Department


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