CRC – What is it?

crdYou may have heard about CRC, Community Restorative Courts.  The Town of Madison officially became involved with CRC this year.  We have full support from the police department, municipal court, municipal attorney, and our Town Board.  This program is a major plus for our community.

The mission of the CRC is to repair harm, reduce risk and rebuild community.  The ability to have victims and community have input in the process is an important part of the process.  For me, I firmly believe CRC will help solve core reasons crimes occur and prevent crimes from occurring in the future through accountability and learning from past mistakes.  Plus, it keeps a young persons criminal record clean – which could haunt someone for life.

Please watch this 2:30 video to learn more about CRC and go to their website to learn even more.  If you want to become involved in CRC as it starts to branch out countywide please contact Ron Johnson to ask about volunteer opportunities.

Chief Gregory

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