Homicide Suspect Pleads Guilty

Kortney Moore

The Town of Madison homicide that occurred May 11, 2016 has come to a close.  The suspect, Kortney Moore, pled to 1st Degree Reckless Homicide-940.02 with the understanding that his plea will conclude this case. In other words, there will be no additional charges issued in the future such FIP (felon in possession of a firearm) or any other charges.

I would like to thank the community for your assistance that was provided in this case.  Without the public’s help, whether it was as a witness, information provided, or as support to our department during the incident and after through the investigation, this case could not have been closed as quickly.

This was not a “one-man show” or a “one department show” with the investigation.  Our initial response and investigation was assisted by a number of departments.  I would like to specifically thank Sheriff Mahoney and the Dane County Sheriff’s Office as well as Chief Koval and the city of Madison Police Department.  As our officers, deputies and detectives worked closely together it was obvious there was great support and the sharing of information that was beneficial.  I have said it before, I am proud to work in Dane County with our law enforcement agencies, from the newest cop to chiefs/sheriff, we work together well to provide services to our communities in Dane County.

Detective Hale worked closely with ADA Raymond as this case proceeded through the court system.  Personally, I would like to thank each member of the Town of Madison Police Department. Each officer assisted, either actively working the investigation or back-filling vacant shifts as staff was pulled from their normal work duties to investigate the case.

The attorneys will argue sentencing early next year.  A PSI (pre-sentence investigation) was ordered.  An article from the WI State Journal is below.

Chief Gregory

 WI State Journal Article


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