Crash Statistics (that will make your read this post won’t it!)

Crashes are one reason we do traffic enforcement.  We want to reduce the number and severity of crashes.  We receive a report from the WI DOT each quarter updating on the crash statistics.

For January – March 2016 we had 111 crashes, economic loss of $3,478,600 including 4 alcohol related crashes.  The city of Madison had 1,338 crashes, economic loss of $46,391,200 and 49 alcohol related crashes.  Fitchburg had 114 crashes, economic loss of $4,254,200 and 5 alcohol related crashes.  All other Dane County municipalities had fewer crashes.

Another area I pay attention to in the 143 page report are the Intersection and non-intersection crashes with at least 1 citation.  The Town of Madison PD had an enforcement rate of 57.798%.  Using the above comparisons the city of Madison PD enforcement rate was 73.614% and Fitchburg PD was 58.904%.

It is no surprise that 5-6 p m was our busiest time for crash investigations.  Wednesday was the day with the most crashes.  I would think Friday would be, but for some reason it is Wednesday.

No surprise that 80 of the 111 crashes occurred on the W. Beltline Hwy.  Our next highest street was E. Rusk Ave with 12 crashes.

I know these statistics can be VERY boring, but they are helpful as we plan our traffic enforcement.  We need to conduct more traffic enforcement around rush hour on the W. Beltline Hwy.  The problem is the amount of traffic makes it difficult, makes it very dangerous for officers and those driving the Beltline.  I would prefer our drivers on the Beltline obey the traffic law, drive safely and defensively and not crash!

PLEASE don’t forget to wear your seat belt!

Chief Gregory


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