Fuzzy the woodchuck’s life saved

You just don’t know what will happen during your shift in the Town of Madison!

On September 17, 2016 at 7:16 pm Officer Weaver and Officer Hoffman came upon an injured woodchuck loitering on the sidewalk in the 500 block of W. Badger Road.  After contacting the loitering woodchuck, who identified himself as Fuzzy, the officers determined he had an obviously injured back leg and he couldn’t move off the sidewalk.

Based on the injuries, the officers options were limited; humanely send him to woodchuck heaven or provide medical assistance.  Of course, the officers worked hard at saving Fuzzy the woodchucks life.  Madison Veterinary Specialists (formerly Emergency Clinic for Animals) is located in the Town of Madison.  They were contacted and said that they would accept the injured woodchuck and arranged to have him taken to a local wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Officer Logan Brown (the third officer involved in saving Fuzzy) was able to bring a tote from the police department.  Officers were able to nab him with the catch pole and crate him.  He was then delivered to the clinic for rehab.  When interviewing Probationary Officer Hoffman, he commented “This is a side of policing I didn’t expect in the Town.”

Chief Gregory

Fuzzy the woodchuck. Photo credit to a nurse at Madison Veterinary Specialists



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