Running the Ironman for a purpose

Officer Logan Brown sent this to me today.  I thought I would share it.  From a simple traffic stop….


Last night I was out on patrol when I made a traffic stop and came into contact with a gentleman by the name of Tom, who is from Ohio. After providing him with a warning for his driving behavior he asked if he could do a favor for me. Tom went on to tell me he is in town for the Ironman race this weekend and he is running the race for me, along with our countries soldiers, police, firemen, EMS and all those who risk tomorrow keeping him safe today. Tombrown-and-schwarber asked me if I would sign the shirt he would wear during the race, which already had signatures from Vietnam vets, sailor, Semper Fi, airman, and police. Tom also explained he has a handful of family members who also work in law enforcement. It would be the signatures on Tom’s shirt that would remind him of our extraordinary willingness to never give up, when Tom hits a rough patch competing in the Ironman. Tom pulled out a red T-shirt, stretched it across the hood of his car and let me sign it. Tom also gave me a two page letter stating why he was doing the Ironman. His letter states many reasons, but ends by saying the following; “I’m running the Ironman in Madison, Wisconsin on September of this year to thank all of you for what you provide for us every day. My promise to you is, I will, with all of your help cross that finish line with my hands held high to thank you for everything you do for my family, my friends, my community, my country, and all my fellow citizens every day you go to work. I know you do it selflessly. When all else fails l, I want you to know there is one family that when the national anthem is played, we will take off our hats, stand, put our hands over our hearts, and salute all of you.  You and all of those that served before you are the lifeblood that has made this the best country in the world.”

Attached is the photo I took with Tom holding the shirt that myself and so many others signed to support Toms efforts and goals in his Ironman endeavors.


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