How is a squad car born?

The life of a squad car is rough!  I bet many of us remember this:

Now days there is more to a squad than a cop motor and tires.  Our new squad is a Ford Police Utility Vehicle – a specially made vehicle for police use.  We buy our squads from Kayser Ford – thanks Tim Askey for your work in getting us what we need and for some great service!

We then take the squad to General Communications in Fitchburg to get the squad set up with all the electronics.  Cutting Edge Signs & Graphics did the graphics on the outside of the car.  They are located at General Communications so it was a one stop shop for us!

This is what the squad looked liked as it was being worked on.  This install was a little different since we used a new system from SoundOff Signal called the bluePRINT.  I am always amazed they can keep the wiring straight!  There are a LOT of feet of wire that gets pulled through the vehicle.

After a little more than a week the car was picked up and looked pretty good.  Feel free to watch this video I made to show our staff the different options this squad has.  YouTube link.

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