Sex Offender Notification

  COMMUNITY NOTIFICATION SEX OFFENDER NOTIFICATION UNDER WI § 301.46(2M) Dear resident and business owner: The Town of Madison Police Department is releasing the information pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 301.46(2m) which authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex offender’s release when; in the discretion of the agency, the release of information will enhance public safety, awareness and protection. The individual who appears on this notification has been convicted of sex offenses. Further, his criminal history places him in a classification level, which reflects the potential to re-offend. Sincerely, Scott T. Gregory, Chief of Police Link to … Continue reading Sex Offender Notification

Media Release: 16-288235

  Date of Release:  August 18, 2016 Released By:  Chief Scott Gregory Incident:  Thefts Date:  August 14, 2016 Case Number:  16-288235 Case Time:  1:16 pm Address:  Woodview Ct   Arrested Person(s)/Suspect Description: Edward Gallenberg; M/W; 23 years of age City of Fitchburg resident Charges:  Theft Details of Incident: On Sunday, August 14, 2016 the Town of Madison Police Department was called to investigate a complaint of a bicycle theft in the Park Village Apartments.  The victim in the case explained that the bicycle had gone missing in the previous few days but believed that he located the bike for sale … Continue reading Media Release: 16-288235

Good Work All The Way Around

I received this email the other day from a citizen.  The location puts this event in the city of Madison.  The uniform description makes me think the officers may be deputies.  The email has been forwarded to the Dane County Sheriff’s Office and city of Madison Police Department.  But I wanted to share it with everyone here as well. I don’t know if you are the appropriate person to contact, but this was the e-mail link I found on-line.  If I am wrong, please forward as you deem appropriate. I wanted to send a quick note to the supervisor and … Continue reading Good Work All The Way Around

Media links

I thought I would share media links at they occur, and I find them, regarding the Early Detachment discussions.  I have included the Intergovernmental Agreement,a change that occurred in 2006 and two announcements provided to our residents in 2002 and 2003. Please check back here for updates. Chief Gregory Intergovernmental Agreement, November 2, 2002 Intergovernmental Agreement, December 15, 2006 Town of Madison Reporter, November 2002 Town of Madison Reporter, November 2003 WI State Journal, August 13, 2016 Early Attachment Proposal, August 15, 2016 WKOW TV, August 15, 2016 The Cap Times, August 18, 2016 WI State Journal, August 21, 2016 … Continue reading Media links

Chief Gregory’s thoughts…..

The WI State Journal had an article today regarding a proposal from Fitchburg and Madison to move up the Protected Period with the Town of Madison.  The thoughts here are not the opinion or response to a proposal from Fitchburg and city of Madison to the Town of Madison.  Just a simple small town police chief’s thoughts. According the article “years of quiet negotiations” between Fitchburg and Madison developed a proposal to the Town asking the Town to end our Protected Period in less than 4 months.  Please.  As far as I know, neither city has approached Town leaders about the proposal .  As … Continue reading Chief Gregory’s thoughts…..

Have you heard of DaneCom?

DaneCom is the new wide-area countywide (Dane County, WI) voice radio system currently set to be completely operational on November 1, 2016. DaneCom is comprised of several radio subsystems, including a 10-channel trunked VHF P25 subsystem. Other subsystems include public safety voice paging, two voted receive / steered transmit conventional analog tactical repeaters, and a suite of mutual aid channels (VCALL10, VTAC12, VLAW31, IFERN1, POINT to POINT, and EMS-B) having on-the-ground infrastructure in place facilitating communications between Dane County dispatch and field users within Dane County. DaneCom project is being spear headed by the Dane County Public Safety Communications Center (PSCC). … Continue reading Have you heard of DaneCom?