Chief Gregory’s thoughts…..

The WI State Journal had an article today regarding a proposal from Fitchburg and Madison to move up the Protected Period with the Town of Madison.  The thoughts here are not the opinion or response to a proposal from Fitchburg and city of Madison to the Town of Madison.  Just a simple small town police chief’s thoughts. According the article “years of quiet negotiations” between Fitchburg and Madison developed a proposal to the Town asking the Town to end our Protected Period in less than 4 months.  Please.  As far as I know, neither city has approached Town leaders about the proposal .  As … Continue reading Chief Gregory’s thoughts…..

Have you heard of DaneCom?

DaneCom is the new wide-area countywide (Dane County, WI) voice radio system currently set to be completely operational on November 1, 2016. DaneCom is comprised of several radio subsystems, including a 10-channel trunked VHF P25 subsystem. Other subsystems include public safety voice paging, two voted receive / steered transmit conventional analog tactical repeaters, and a suite of mutual aid channels (VCALL10, VTAC12, VLAW31, IFERN1, POINT to POINT, and EMS-B) having on-the-ground infrastructure in place facilitating communications between Dane County dispatch and field users within Dane County. DaneCom project is being spear headed by the Dane County Public Safety Communications Center (PSCC). … Continue reading Have you heard of DaneCom?

New Website

As you may have noticed we are in the process of updating our website.  We are looking for an updated website that looks better and easier to use to provide information to our citizens and interested parties. We decided to go with Word Press.  This company is well known, the user interface is pretty simple and it is reasonably priced.  This site will also allow additional people in the Department to post “blogs” to our website which will also update our Facebook Page and Twitter accounts. In addition I have authorized two other Department employees to post on our Word Press … Continue reading New Website

Last Day at the WCPA Conference

The last day is always our legal update.  I think part of the reason is that each of us police chiefs and administrators want and need the information provided.  Assistant Attorney General Dave Perlman taught about some new case law from our courts in 2016.  Attorney’s Korom and Gulya provided insight in new labor law cases in 2016.  All three attornies are able to take important, yet dry topics, and make each of us wanting to learn more. Continue reading Last Day at the WCPA Conference

More Training

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 had more training at the WCPA Summer Conference.  We started the day with training from Eric Atkinson, Adjunct Faculty member with UW-Stout.  He trained on 21st Century Community Policing and working with our communities. Later we had Dr. Christopher McFarlin from Pendleton, SC teach about Body Camera Best Practices.  In the afternoon we learned about, “Drones: What Public Safety Officials Need to Know” by Capt. (ret.) Bill Bongle of the Green Bay Police Department.  Our final training session included Reporting use of Force by city of Manitocwoc Staff Attorney Elizabeth Majerus. The evening included a chance … Continue reading More Training

LeRoy Butler

I have to admit our social networking was a good time Monday evening.  Beside having the opportunity to discuss issues with police chiefs and administrators from around the state, we ate excellent food at Titletown Brewing rooftop room.  In addition to all that (which would have been enough for me), LeRoy Butler was on-site for autographs, photos and a short talk.  Be sure to scroll down to watch LeRoy Butler’s talk to us, at least what I was able to record!               I also had the opportunity to meet and talk with Justice Ziegler in … Continue reading LeRoy Butler

WCPA Summer Conference

I thought I would share a little of our WCPA (Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association) conference.  This training session is held in Green Bay each August.  Chief Gregory and Sgt. Gehn are attending the conference this year.  Our training today (Monday, August 8, 2016) is all about our Mindset and the Power of Unconditional Respect with Captain Charles Huth with the Kansas City, MO Police Department. Captain Hurth trained how, as a SWAT team commander, he transformed his team from the most complained about unit in the Kansas City Police Department to the most praised due to their ability to embrace community … Continue reading WCPA Summer Conference

Introducing Officer Butler

Officer Butler started with the Department on August 1, 2016.  Brenden lived in the Franklin, WI area, but has moved to Madison.  Officer Butler graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater with a Bachelors Degree Cum Laude.  Officer Butler graduated from the police academy in December 2015.  Brenden worked as a security officer for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin  and as a reserve officer for the Mukwonago Police Department Officer Butler will be going through the Departments Field Training and Evaluation Program.  For three months he will train with a veteran Field Training Officer (FTO).  The FTO will continue to train Officer Butler and evaluate him … Continue reading Introducing Officer Butler

Introducing Officer Hoffman

Officer Hoffman started with the Department on July 11, 2016.  Andrew lives in the McFarland area and worked for the Fitchburg Fire Department and volunteered with the McFarland Fire Department as well.  Officer Hoffman decided to pursue a career in law enforcement and completed the police academy May 2016 at the top of his class. Officer Hoffman will be going through the Departments Field Training and Evaluation Program.  For three months he will train with a veteran Field Training Officer (FTO).  The FTO will continue to train Officer Hoffman and evaluate him on a daily, actually, on each task he … Continue reading Introducing Officer Hoffman

DAAT Training

Sounds funny?  DAAT?  Those of us in government seem to love acronyms.  DAAT stands for, “Defense And Arrest Tactics”.  Officer Weaver is our DAAT instructor and spent 8 hours with Officer Hoffman and Officer Butler on August 4, 2016.  Don’t think this is the only DAAT training the officers received.  They came out of the police academy with a ton of DAAT training and passed a number of scenarios through the academy. But, we like to know where new officers are in their knowledge and skills of DAAT and we review our department policy.  So, we put together an 8 hour training … Continue reading DAAT Training

Firearms Training

Each new officer we hire are required to qualify with their handguns, rifles and less lethal bean bag shotguns.  Officer Hoffman and Officer Butler were at the Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center today for their firearms training. I stopped out to see how they were doing and take a few photos and a couple of videos.  Mistakes are made and that is why we train.  Especially when it comes to firearms training and use of force training.  We make sure officers are proficient, know when to use the tools provided and even more importantly know when to deescalate or … Continue reading Firearms Training

Chaplain Bob

As you saw in my previous post Officer Butler had his Taser training today.  Chaplain Bob has been the Town of Madison PD chaplain for a few years.  He stopped in for the Taser certification training at just the right time.  Chaplain Bob asked if he could be tased.  Officer Weaver decided to risk it and tase a minister! Chaplain Goodsell is the Director for Blue Line Chaplains.  A non-profit chaplain organization dedicated to “Backing the Badge.” While chaplains serve at the discretion of the local law enforcement leader, they provide both departmental leaders and their officers a safe and confidential … Continue reading Chaplain Bob