It is scary what drugs can do to a person

The other day officers responded to a local business; the employees called police concerned about a woman in the parking lot who was acting strange.  Officers made contact with her and she was obviously high on some type of drug.  Officers were not able to get her to identify herself.  Eventually, she was detained and handcuffed for everyone’s safety and the Fast ID identified her.  It was discovered she had a warrant for her arrest.

This video is about a one minute video of the officers having contact with her.  We blurred part of the video.  But, PLEASE think twice before using and/ abusing illegal drugs.

Do you need help?  Make a call to Journey Mental Health Center.

Are you a parent seeking help for your child?  The Parent Addiction Network can help!

Here is a list of treatment centers in Dane County.

Or, reach out to your faith community.  There is help available, please ask for it!

Chief Gregory

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