Chief Gregory’s thoughts…..

The WI State Journal had an article today regarding a proposal from Fitchburg and Madison to move up the Protected Period with the Town of Madison.  The thoughts here are not the opinion or response to a proposal from Fitchburg and city of Madison to the Town of Madison.  Just a simple small town police chief’s thoughts.

According the article “years of quiet negotiations” between Fitchburg and Madison developed a proposal to the Town asking the Town to end our Protected Period in less than 4 months.  Please.  As far as I know, neither city has approached Town leaders about the proposal .  As a matter of fact the Town officially found out about this proposal when the media called the police department asking for my thoughts on the proposal.  I was out of the office and was called by my staff and told about the question. I then called Town Chair Campbell to let him know what I knew at that point.  No call from either mayor to the Town’s chair.

This is working cooperatively together?  Please.

Apparently Fitchburg Alder (and Dane County Board Supervisor) Dorthy Krause was letting a number of people know Tuesday at the Town polls that Fitchburg was going to vote that night to take the Town over on December 31, 2016.  I don’t know exactly what was said, but that was the interpretation of those who heard her.  Quiet negotiations and a Fitchburg close meeting topic discussed by Alder Krause.  And I thought closed meeting discussions were closed until release was required after the meeting.  It seems the media knew about what occurred at this closed meeting long before the Town of Madison.

I am a police chief and know very little about the inner workings of a TIF.  Paul Soglin says the city is better equipped at development than Towns are.  WOW, look west of Rimrock Road and see what the Town of Madison did with TIF’s, an Environmental TIF and areas that were developed that were NOT in a TIF.  The Town, working with the Alexander Company and others, have built that tax base up tremendously.  But, apparently the city of Madison, according to Soglin, is better equipped.  He needs to learn how to work with the Town of Madison, not try and force what he wants down the Town of Madison citizens throats.

Since the Town has not been given the proposal I certainly cannot give an opinion on the proposal.  But, I would give my opinion to the Town Board first and not negotiate such an important topic through the media.

Chief Scott Gregory