Have you heard of DaneCom?

DaneCom is the new wide-area countywide (Dane County, WI) voice radio system currently set to be completely operational on November 1, 2016. DaneCom is comprised of several radio subsystems, including a 10-channel trunked VHF P25 subsystem. Other subsystems include public safety voice paging, two voted receive / steered transmit conventional analog tactical repeaters, and a suite of mutual aid channels (VCALL10, VTAC12, VLAW31, IFERN1, POINT to POINT, and EMS-B) having on-the-ground infrastructure in place facilitating communications between Dane County dispatch and field users within Dane County.

DaneCom project is being spear headed by the Dane County Public Safety Communications Center (PSCC).  For more information about DaneCom watch this presentation given to public safety leaders and others on July 14.

A lot of work has been done by the PSCC, Harris and General Communications to get the backbone of the system working.  Now all public safety, public works and anyone else who uses the Dane County radio system needs to start programming radios.  Work groups for Fire/EMS and Law have been working hard to put together a suggested template for users.  Keep your ears open, as we get closer to November 1 you should be hearing more about DaneCom throughout your Dane County communities and local media!

TMPD radio programmed to our primary DaneCom law talk group. “No comms” means the tower covering this location has not been turned on yet.

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