DAAT Training

Sounds funny?  DAAT?  Those of us in government seem to love acronyms.  DAAT stands for, “Defense And Arrest Tactics”.  Officer Weaver is our DAAT instructor and spent 8 hours with Officer Hoffman and Officer Butler on August 4, 2016.  Don’t think this is the only DAAT training the officers received.  They came out of the police academy with a ton of DAAT training and passed a number of scenarios through the academy.

But, we like to know where new officers are in their knowledge and skills of DAAT and we review our department policy.  So, we put together an 8 hour training session with our new officers.  During the field training process we may or may not do an additional 8 hours of training, this depends on the individual officer.

I was told both officers did a good job in their trained techniques!


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