Firearms Training

Each new officer we hire are required to qualify with their handguns, rifles and less lethal bean bag shotguns.  Officer Hoffman and Officer Butler were at the Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center today for their firearms training.

I stopped out to see how they were doing and take a few photos and a couple of videos.  Mistakes are made and that is why we train.  Especially when it comes to firearms training and use of force training.  We make sure officers are proficient, know when to use the tools provided and even more importantly know when to deescalate or back away from a threat.  I was only on the range for a short time and here is what they were learning.

Both officers excelled and their skills increased by the end of the day.  Great job to Instructors Dart & Mansavage – two firearms instructors I would put up against anyone!

Chief Gregory


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