Chaplain Bob

As you saw in my previous post Officer Butler had his Taser training today.  Chaplain Bob has been the Town of Madison PD chaplain for a few years.  He stopped in for the Taser certification training at just the right time.  Chaplain Bob asked if he could be tased.  Officer Weaver decided to risk it and tase a minister!

Chaplain Goodsell is the Director for Blue Line Chaplains.  A non-profit chaplain organization dedicated to “Backing the Badge.”

While chaplains serve at the discretion of the local law enforcement leader, they provide both departmental leaders and their officers a safe and confidential resource with which to process the unique personal, family and professional demands experienced in the law enforcement community.

Chaplains serve law enforcement leaders and officers without regard to religious, racial, social or gender bias.  Law enforcement chaplains are vetted by their respective faith communities and undergo a rigorous criminal background investigation before receiving initial and ongoing training by the International Conference of Police Chaplains, as well as the agencies they serve.

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